Hide and Show Ribbon Button Based on User Security Role in Dynamics 365 v9.x

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Hello Everyone, Today i would like to share my knowledge regarding show and hide ribbon button based on the user Security roles.

I have a custom entity name as “account1”. I have to create two button (Submit, Complete) using ribbon workbench.We have two type of user one is Salesperson, second one Sales Manager. So in this blog i am going to cover some of the points as given below.

1.If user security role is Salesperson, show “Submit” button and hide the “Complete” button.

2.If user security role is Sales Manager, show “Complete” button and hide the “Submit” button.

3.After creation of the record user will able to see the buttons(Submit or Complete).

Lets start.

I created a solution named as AccounRibbon and added my entity account1. Import the latest ribbon workbench into your organisation if already not done. Once it is imported successfully, open the the ribbon workbench and select…

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