Using Xrm.Navigation.openFile to download a note attachment file with file save confirmation dialog

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I got this requirement recently and wanted to share with my readers. Quite a cool feature actually and some common requirement. So there is a ribbon button on a entity form. When the ribbon button is clicked, it should query an annotation attachment, get the content and then throw the file save dialog option to the user to save or open the file.

Querying the annotation record is piece of cake after all. The interesting part is throwing the filesave dialog option.

Below is the code on click of the ribbon button which does exactly that.

function DownloadAnnotationRecord() {
Xrm.WebApi.retrieveRecord(“annotation”, “<annotation_record_id>”, “?$select=filename,filesize,documentbody,mimetype”).
then(function (r) {
var fileOptions = {
fileContent: r.documentbody,
fileName: r.filename,
mimeType: r.mimetype

var openOptions = { openMode: 2 };

Xrm.Navigation.openFile(fileOptions, openOptions)
.then(function () {
console.log(“File downloaded successfully.”);
}, function () {

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