Basic Forms / Entity Forms in MS Power Apps Portals.

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Entity Forms and Basic Forms both are same recently, Responding to customer feedback and data from user research, effective November 2020 Microsoft updated some terminology in Common Data Service to be more intuitive and make its usage more productive.

A data-driven configuration to allow end users to add a form to collect data in the portal without the need for a developer to surface the form in the portal, basic forms are created in Microsoft Dataverse and then placed into webpages in the portal or used in conjunction with subgrids and lists to build out complete web applications.

How to Create Basic Form?

  • An Basic Form must be associated with a webpage for a given website for the form to be viewable within the site.
  • The Connection table subgrids aren’t supported in basic forms. If you add a Connection table subgrid to the form using Form designer, error messages are displayed when you render the form on the portal and use the Connection table.
  • Duplicate fields, multi-select option set, custom controls, Party List fields and business rules aren’t supported in basic forms.
  • Image attributesfile attributes and table images aren’t supported in basic formsadvanced forms or when using liquid template tags, such as fetchxl.
  • Business rules and client API can enable locked fields on a read-only form.
  • If you create a basic form in the Insert mode, you can’t change a button’s alignment or place an action button above the basic form.
  • If you render a lookup control as a dropdown list on the form, the related records filter does not work.
Basic Forms

Terminology updates in Microsoft Power Platform

GLOSSARY or the most used terms in 3D animation
Legacy termCurrent term
Entity, entitiesTable, tables
Field, fields
Attribute, attributes
Column, columns
Record, recordsRow, rows
Option set, multi select option sets
Picklist, picklists
Choice, choices
Two Options


These terminology updates aren’t applicable to any APIs or messages in the Dataverse web services. For example, the names of the CreateEntityRequest and CreateAttributeRequest won’t change.

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